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Hi there, it’s Jason again, along with SociMasters...
Local Coupon Formula really is the fastest and simplest way to generate recurring, passive $197-$697/month payments from local businesses, with just a 10 minute setup, using just one ‘set and Forget’ Digital Coupon, and all without having to talk face-to-face with the owners.

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  • ​No selling whatsoever
In fact, what if I showed you a method where you wouldn’t even speak to a local business owner until AFTER they had paid your fees?

Sound interesting? 
Here's The Truth
Many of my Local Coupon Formula students are making thousands of dollars every month
 offering their ‘Digital Coupon’ service to desperate local businesses (you’ve already seen the proof)…
However, there were some students that had a really difficult time taking action… You see, for the vast majority of my students, this was the first time they’d ever earned a dime as a ‘social media consultant.’

This alone made them fearful of actually getting out there and booking their first client. 

Local Coupon Formula is not, I repeat NOT, difficult at all to get started. Seriously, ANYONE could set up their own social media agency by following my simple, step-by-step system… 

However, I also know many students will become overwhelmed with fear of taking action, and start procrastinating and overthinking things… 

Honestly, nothing depresses me more than seeing people, with the perfect profit-making formula right in their hands, but never tasting success, all because they’re paralyzed by fear. 

I KNOW Local Coupon Formula works because I’m living proof, as are my many successful students… And yet, many don’t take action...

It was then I got this amazing idea… 
Let ME Do The Work and Land You Your First Monthly Recurring Client FOR YOU!
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Local Coupon Prospecting Package
PROVEN Prospecting Videos =
Your First Client Booked For You Within 1 Week
I’ve been using prospecting videos for over a year now,
and I find they are the best way to convert prospects into clients…
Why? Because They Do 4 Separate Things
Walk a business owner through exactly what
 Local Digital Coupons are
Explain how Digital Coupons translate into more 
paying customers 
through their doors
Overcome all the 
typical objections 
they’re likely to have
Sell them your monthly recurring Digital Coupon service, taking them 
through to payment...
….all wrapped up in video! This cuts down the time it takes to get your first client drastically. No back and forth emails, dealing with objections, fee negotiations etc. 
Take a Look At These Samples!
Now, all my students had to do was send one of these videos to just 10 local business owners a week…

By the end of that week, each of my students had booked at least one monthly recurring client…

And they didn’t even have to step a foot outside their front door!

I tested my sales videos on over 50 students… and the results were astounding. Every student went on to implement my system fully!

Every single one of them went on to book one client after another, using my prospecting videos, completely free of fear, procrastination and ‘shiny object syndrome.’ 
Here's What You’ll Get Today…
8 proven, client-grabbing 
sales videos, that land monthly recurring 
Digital Coupon clients
8 proven whiteboard 'doodle-style' animation videos that can convert the most resistant prospects
8 proven audio files, for anyone who wishes to send audio to new clients as a voice note, or create their own videos
8 slide presentations & sales scripts, for those who wish to create their own videos from scratch (scripts can also be used to send clients written emails / Instant Messages 
Grab This Prospecting Package To Get Local Clients Instantly Calling YOU...
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PowerPoint Presentation
Total Value = $197
My proven client-generating videos, audios and scripts will start converting your prospects as soon as you start sending them out…

All without any cold calling, meeting clients face to face…or stepping a foot outside of your front door. 

However, I know there are some people who relish meeting others, and want to offer their services in person… 

Therefore, I’m handing you my PROVEN, professionally created PowerPoint presentation that sells the Local Coupon Formula service.

This is the exact same presentation I use when talking directly to clients, or holding presentations at local business owners’ meetings… 

And it’s perfect for anyone who really wants to get out there in their local community, and build a reputation for themselves as a superstar social media consultant for local businesses! 
Why You Need Local Coupon Formula
Prospecting Package
Save Time
No need for back and forth email / FB messages trying to overcome objections, negotiate fees, explain the service etc. – just send your prospects to these videos and let them do the heavy lifting for you
Generate Monthly
Retainers Fast
Start landing clients 5X faster!
What It Costs To Create This
Prospecting Package Yourself
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So you don’t even need to decide right now!

Just send my proven prospecting sales videos to at least 10 business owners for 14 days and you will get your first client.

Take this done-for-you upgrade for a test drive… 

If you decide it’s not for you, just send me a quick email, and I’ll refund you in full. 
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Local Coupon Formula Prospecting Package
Grab This Prospecting Package To Get Local Clients Instantly Calling YOU...
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