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Setbacks of Doing It All By Yourself
  •  You still need to take TIME out to create the actual Digital Coupons for each local business
  •  You still need to put in EFFORT creating the wording, fonts, graphics, images etc.
  •  You could MESS THINGS UP, have to start over, and maybe even need to make multiple attempts to see big results
We want to save you all that time and effort of figuring it all out on your own, navigate you away from all the mistakes, and get you the best, fastest results possible.
Let us hand over to you a HUGE bundle of 80 Done-For-You Digital Coupons for the Local niche...
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80 done-for-you Digital Coupons
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No Need To Spend Time And Effort
Creating Your Own Digital Coupons
All 80 coupons tested and optimized
 to generate the maximum amount 
of attention, and the maximum number of take-ups, resulting in a rush of new customers to any local business you want.
All coupons 100% editable, so you can quickly and easily add business name, logos, photos…anything at all, so you can customize signs to the exact needs 
of each local business owner.
The quickest, most cost-efficient route
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Grab These Done-For-You Digital Coupons To See Profits Within 24 Hrs...
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15 Compelling VIDEO Coupons
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Total Value = $497
I’ve tested, tweaked and optimized my done-for-you Digital Coupons, so they grab the attention of buyers, and compel them to visit a local business ASAP.

However, I’ve discovered something that works 10 TIMES better than static digital coupons……VIDEO COUPONS. 

In this bonus, I’ll hand you, on a silver platter, 15 of my highest converting Video Coupons in 15 of the most popular local niches (tanning salon, retail store, spa, restaurant, pizza parlor, nightclub, nail salon, massage parlor, Ice cream parlor, hotel, hair salon, gym, fine dining restaurant, car wash and bar).

Each one designed to suck in the maximum number of customers to any local business you choose…. 

Leaving you with extremely happy, grateful local clients who wouldn’t dream of letting you go! 
24 Template Digital Coupons
(use for any local niche you want)
Total Value = $318
You're already getting 80 of my best-performing Digital Coupons in 8 of the biggest local niches...

But I know that there are other niches out there. Perhaps you come across a local business that's desperate for new customers (and willing to pay you big bucks), but it's not within the 8 biggest local niches?

Don't worry, I've got you covered ;-)

I've put together a package of 24 proven, Local Coupon templates, each one 100% editable and customizable, so now you can help any local business pull in new customers, regardless of the niche they are in! 
Why You Need Local Formula DFY Package
Save Time
No need to create your own
 Digital Coupons for each of your
 local clients, make mistakes, 
or go through trial and error
Make Money Fast 
We’ve taken out all the guesswork,
 you simply can’t go wrong
Autopilot Money
Let us provide you done-for-you 
Digital Coupons, ready for you to simply plug in and start generating $197-$697/month per client from Day 1
 What It Costs To Outsource Creation 
of 80 Digital Coupons
By Grabbing Our Done For You Package
You will save TONS of time
You will get proven 
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You will achieve faster results
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Grab These Done-For-You Digital Coupons To See Profits Within 24 Hrs...
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